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20th Dec 2017

Fans express concern for Davina McCall after seeing this Insta post

Davina McCall

“OMG it’s too much Davina”.

Davina McCall’s latest Instagram post has sparked concern among fans who believe she has become too thin.

The popular TV presenter is currently in Australia with her children, visiting her sister for the festive season, and has been sharing numerous holiday snaps.

It’s the latest one that’s caused controversy though as many of her followers have expressed their thoughts on Davina’s health.

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that Davina is best-placed to decide how to look after her own body but this hasn’t stopped people from showing concern.

Although the majority of the comments at the time of the writing suggested Davina has lost too much weight, a number of people said she looked fabulous.

One person wrote:

“OMG it’s to much davina I do love you , but think this is taking it to another level now [sic]”.

Another said:

“Sorry but not a good luck you are way to thin [sic]”

This fan said:

 “I know your on the health buzz and that’s cool but in my humble opinion I think you should put on a few kilos, still love ya”.

Over the last decade, Davina has branched out from TV presenting to launch a number of DVDs and books aimed at keeping fit and eating healthily.

The 50-year-old, who is the fact of Garnier UK, split from her husband Matthew Robertson in November of this year.

The couple, who married in 2000,  have three children, Holly (16), Tilly (14) and Chester (11).