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30th May 2022

Family’s flight cancelled while on plane after staff shortages in UK

Ellen Fitzpatrick


As we’ve seen over the last few months, there have been countless delays in not only queues at airports all over Europe, but delays with airlines themselves and an increase in people flying abroad.

After some were left queuing in Dublin Airport for five hours this weekend, there are some airlines seeing significant staff shortages and many are needing to reschedule flights.

When it comes to TUI Airlines, the issue seems to be worse as one family had their flight cancelled after they had already boarded it.

Heading from Manchester on Friday to Turkey for his sister in law’s wedding, Rob Gore told the BBC that he and his family, along with other passengers, found out the flight was cancelled as they were sitting on it.

“It was just an absolute farce from TUI, no reps available until right at the very end,” he said.

Having to stay in a hotel in Manchester for two nights as they wait to fly out on Monday, the incident left them “heartbroken” as this was the family’s first trip in three years and first since Rob had undergone cancer treatment.

TUI has apologised for those impacted by the cancellation and has offered compensation, but it is not the only incident like this.

Over the weekend a TikTok by Irishman Anthony O’Reilly went viral from Dublin Airport as his TUI flight to Salou in Spain was cancelled as he was waiting at the gate.

He said: “So TUI has just cancelled our flight because they have no cabin crew.

@itsanthonyoreilly @tui.benelux has just cancelled our flight @dublinsfm104 #dublinairport #fyp ♬ original sound – ItsAnthonyOReilly

“We were told our flight was at quarter to six this morning. Then we were all told that basically, we have to wait until ten o clock to come on board because there was no cabin crew due to something in the UK, and now we have to come back tomorrow evening.

“So we all have to wait now until tomorrow.

“It is now currently half eight in the morning. We have to wait until quarter to seven tomorrow evening to get out flight to Salou because TUI doesn’t have the cabin crew for it.

“We’re trying to book flights and see what flights we can get out.”