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25th Feb 2016

Erin Brockovich Calls On Irish Water To Publish Toxin Levels Linked To Cancer

Ms. Brockovich has warned the Irish "not to be fooled".

Megan Cassidy

Erin Brockovich has called on Irish Water to be more transparent about toxin levels.

The environmental activist has called for trihalomethane levels to be listed on the bills of 400,000 affected consumers, according to the Irish Times.

The water-borne toxins are linked to various cancers and are present in some 79 Irish water supplies.

The call for more prominent information about the issue comes in the wake of the failure of Friends of the Irish Environment to use the European Commission to force Ireland to inform consumers of these chemical exceedances on their water bills.

In a recent Facebook post Brockovich, who inspired the 2000 film Erin Brockovich starring Julia Roberts, highlighted the dangers for pregnant women, writing:

“Trihalomethanes are far more dangerous to pregnant women. Studies have demonstrated women exposed to Drinking Water over 80 micrograms/Litre of trihalomethanes expose a greater risk for miscarriage in the first trimester and low birth weight in the second and third trimester… beware of very real “short term” exposure”.