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11th Dec 2023

Dublin Fire Brigade issues warning to public over popular Christmas decorations

Kat O'Connor

Dublin Fire Brigade has shared a stern warning with the public ahead of the Christmas holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and our homes are now full of decorations. As magical as they look, Christmas decorations do come with a lot of risks. Dublin Fire Brigade has issued a warning to the public about their Christmas lights.

They urged the public to always check their Christmas lights because there could be a dangerous hazard that may cause a fire.

The public has been advised to go through their sets of lights to check for twists, kinks, loose connections, and worn insulation.

“Before placing lights on your tree, take the time to check them. Look for twists, kinks, loose connections, and worn insulation,” Dublin Fire Brigade said.

“If you find any of the above, throw them out. When purchasing, buy from a reputable seller, look for the CE mark, and opt for LED lights,” they added.

They have also urged the public to start using LED candles this Christmas.

Far too many home fires break out because candles are put in dangerous places like near a curtain or beside deodorant cans.

The Dublin Fire Brigade team stressed, “Always be sure to place a lit candle in a safe place. Away from curtains, blinds, deodorant cans, and other combustibles Consider an LED candle, they’re far safer.”