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06th Dec 2023

Home Alone fans shocked at what Kevin’s food shop would cost today

By Joseph Loftus


Home Alone

A lot has changed in 33 years.

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me you can’t wait to finally stick on Home Alone.

You’ve already watched Jingle All The Way, Ross Kemp’s Christmas Carol, and Scrooged, but you’re anxiously awaiting a date a little sooner to the 25th to stick on the John Hughes’ classic.

In the legendary scene, Kevin can be seen throwing milk, toilet roll, Tropicana, and bagels into his shopping cart, along with some toy soldiers and magazines. After handing over a coupon to the shocked but smiley cashier, Kevin is told that the total comes to $19.83 (€18.40).

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Adjusted for inflation, this price comes to $46.68 (€43.32) in 2023.

But, that’s not all as TikTok user Geoffrey Lyons has took things one step further, by going out into the supermarket and purchasing all of Kevin’s items himself.

Posting to TikTok, Geoffrey says: “What does that come down to? The grand total of $63.73. Add on tax – $5.25 – and put it together, you get $68.99 (€64.03).”

Understandably, people were left absolutely broken by the cost, with one person writing: “I bet the cashiers wage is still the same in 2023,” while another said: “Plus it wouldn’t be a $1 off coupon now, it would be 50¢ off.”

A third commented: “The $100 bill is the new $20 bill.”