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12th Jul 2023

BBC presenter claims thicken as fourth person comes forward with ‘creepy’ story

BBC Presenter

The BBC presenter accused of paying for sexually explicit images from a teen is facing more accusations.

According to a story in The Mirror, another person has come forward with claims the BBC personality sent ‘creepy’ messages when they were just 17 years old.

The fresh allegation is that the as-yet-unnamed presenter sent the person ‘creepy’ messages using love hearts and kisses when they were 17-years-old. The person says that Instagram was the platform used for the messages.

In an interview with The Sun, they claimed: “Looking back now it does seem creepy because he was messaging me when I was still at school.

“In light of everything now, I feel shocked because as a broadcaster it is a name everyone would trust. I had no reason to think it was anything beyond that at that time.”

The teen said they had been following the presenter on Instagram for months prior to the private message contact and said they were shocked to get a message from someone in the public eye with such a high profile.

This story has gone through several confusing changes lately, with BBC News revealing earlier this week that the claims made by the original accuser’s mother were now being disputed. However, the presenter remains suspended as the issue is investigated.

Other male BBC presenters including Rylan Clark and Jeremy Vine have come out to deny the allegations relate to them. Gary Lineker also denied having any involvement.

The initial claim was that the presenter allegedly sent over £35,000 to the teen in question in exchange for sexual imagery.