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08th Jul 2023

‘Well-known’ BBC presenter ‘off-air’ over claims they paid minor for explicit photos

A “well-known” BBC presenter has been taken off air after they were accused of paying a minor for sexually explicit photos.

The presenter is reportedly a “household name” but their identity has not been released as the investigation is ongoing.

The Sun claims the male presenter paid a minor £35,000 for explicit photos. The BBC is reportedly taking the allegations extremely seriously and has launched an investigation into the claims.

The victim’s family made a complaint to the BBC on May 19th and the broadcaster took the presenter off air.

The BBC issued a statement this morning:

“We treat any allegations very seriously, and we have processes in place to proactively deal with them.

“As part of that, if we receive information that requires further investigation or examination, we will take steps to do this.

“That includes actively attempting to speak to those who have contacted us in order to seek further detail and understanding of the situation.”

“If we get no reply to our attempts or receive no further contact that can limit our ability to progress things, but it does not mean our enquiries stop.

“If, at any point, new information comes to light or is provided – including via newspapers – this will be acted upon appropriately, in line with internal processes.”

The child, who is now aged 20, reportedly used the money to buy cocaine.

His mother said their drug addiction has ruined their life.

“All I want is for this man to stop paying my child for sexual pictures and stop him funding my child’s drug habit,” she told The Sun.



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