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03rd Oct 2018

Apparently, burglars are using this simple trick to see if your home is empty

Watch out for this.

Denise Curtin

Keep an eye out for this.

Burglaries are an upsettingly common occurrence these days and so, as homeowners and tenants, it’s important to be cautious and on the lookout for sinister tricks called “property markings” – these could be a sign that you’re home is being eyed up for a burglary.

According to the, homeowners in North Dublin have issued fears to the gardaí over clear sellotape being placed on the keyhole of their home.

This sellotape trick is supposedly a tactic to see if a home is vacant. Burglars will place the tape over the keyhole and after a couple of hours/days, if it still remains untouched they know nobody is currently in the house.

“Two houses were found to have this tape on my street recently in North Strand.

“This is deeply concerning for residents”, one local told the publication.

For people to find sellotape over their keyhole can be deeply distressing and something which should be monitored and noted.

It has also been reported that gardaí are “taking the matter seriously” as it is one which is deeply distressing residents, especially elderly locals who live alone.

People are told to remember the important Gardaí phone numbers if an emergency occurs.

You can contact An Garda Síochana directly by dialling 112/999,

Alternatively,  you can report a crime anonymously by ringing 1800 250025.