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13th Feb 2020

Abducted In Plain Sight is getting a spin-off, and we’re very intrigued

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Abducted In Plain Sight

We’re excited.

The entire world was obsessed with true crime last year.

In particular, we couldn’t get enough of Abducted In Plain Sight, a Netflix documentary.

And now, a podcast spin-off of the documentary is set to launch.

How exciting.

The true-crime podcast, called Obsessed with: Abducted in Plain Sight will drop next month and is set to delve deeper into the kidnappings.

It will also feature never-before-seen audio and a host of new interviews.

According to Deadline, the spin-off podcast will take a deep dive into the documentary.

“It will feature never-heard-before audio from the film and new interviews with the subjects including Broberg.”

“In the podcast, Broberg addresses her father’s sexual encounter with her kidnapper, her father’s sexual orientation, and the world’s reaction to her parents after the release of the film. The podcast will also include audio recordings of the kidnapper’s audio journals that were recovered by the FBI, the kidnapper’s wife sharing her thoughts on her husband’s more virtuous qualities.”

“After audiences around the globe were captivated by the original documentary, they still had many questions,” said Skye Borgman. “There are so many untold stories I wanted to share. Collaborating with Patrick on Obsessed With: Abducted in Plain Sight provides an opportunity to expand upon the documentary. And, I get to hang out with Patrick Hinds.”

“I became literally obsessed with Abducted in Plain Sight, so to work with Skye Borgman on the first large-scale project for Obsessed Network outside of our original podcast is thrilling,” added Patrick Hinds.

“If you thought the documentary was wild, just wait until you hear the never-before-made-public recordings this podcast will unearth.”