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01st Nov 2021

Mum gives birth to 14lbs 15oz baby, believed to be UK’s 3rd biggest on record

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That’s some big news.

A woman has given birth to what is believed to be the third biggest ever baby in the UK, weighing in at 14lbs 15oz.

Cherral Mitchell was diagnosed late with gestational diabetes while pregnant on her fourth child.

Yet baby Alpha still shocked staff when he was born on Thursday, weighing over one stone on the scales.

Weighing an estimated 11lbs 1oz at 37 weeks, he gained 3lbs before he was delivered via cesarean section a week later.

“We didn’t think he was going to be that big,” Cherral told the Mirror. “Everyone kept laughing when his head came out. My husband Tyson was like ‘oh my God he’s chunky’.

“There were two nurses pulling – one was trying to push him down to get him out. The nurses said it had to be the biggest baby and were on their phones Googling.”

The current record-holder for the UK’s biggest newborn is Guy Carr, who was born weighing 15lbs 8oz in 1992. Second after him is George King, who was born weighing 15lbs 7oz in 2013.

Alpha is now believed to be the third-biggest newborn.

Doctors believe his weight could be due to him consuming amniotic fluid that was sweeter and more sugary than normal because of the gestational diabetes.

“My stomach was big but not that massive so I don’t know where he was hiding,” Cherral continued.

“I keep saying I gave birth to a baby butter bean. My uncle Jason calls him a baby hippo.”

Alpha is currently still being monitored in NICU but is “on the mend” and will hopefully be able to join his three older siblings at home soon.