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17th Aug 2017

Spotify removes these artists from its platform for a very good reason

'We immediately took action'.

The streaming app has removed all bands they deem “hate bands”.

Spotify made the decision to remove the content after Digital Music News shared a list of 37 white supremacist musicians available on the app.

However, a spokesperson for Spotify has now confirmed that several of those artists have been removed from their platform.

“Spotify takes immediate action to remove any such material as soon as it has been brought to our attention,” a Spotify spokesperson told Billboard.

“We are glad to have been alerted to this content – and have already removed many of the bands identified today, whilst urgently reviewing the remainder.”

This follows the violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend where hundreds of white supremacists and neo-nazis marched and chanted fascist slogans before clashing with counter-demonstrators.

One person was killed in the incident and many others were left injured.