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01st Aug 2014

Shazam Is About To Cosy Up To Your Computer With A New Mac App

No more missing the latest tunes...


How many times have you watched a film or TV show on your laptop, only to find yourself tapping along to the musical score?

Chances are by the time you reach for your phone, the bars have been played out and you’ve lost your chance to shazam that track.

Well the latest development is about to make you very happy.

After a partnership with Apple, which will see the popular music identification app integrated into the design of Siri in iOS 8, the service have announced a new desktop app for Macs, meaning you can install the application to your Mac menu bar.

Free to download from the Mac App Store, the application will run in the background, listening to the music being played around your computer (or through its speakers) and identifying the tracks. Users will then be notified with a simple log of the history of music played during the day.

Similar to the phone app, the info page will include a listing and providing a preview of the tune. You’ll also have the option to share it on your social network or get it on iTunes, as well as offering up lyrics, videos and recommended related tracks based on what others who bought that track purchased.

Not bad for a free app, and probably the best way to check out some up and coming artists.