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26th Nov 2018

People are arguing over how to pronounce Blink-182 and sorry, wha?

Jade Hayden


Slow Twitter day, is it?

Just kidding, every day is a slow Twitter day because Twitter is the worst and yet we all still spend our entire lives on that website just watching the hours tick away.

It’s grand, whatever, there are worse ways to spend a day.

Except a recent Twitter interaction has left us reconsidering everything we thought we knew about life, the world, and how to pronounce the names of popular pop-punk bands.

Before we dive into it though, a simple question: how do you pronounce ‘Blink-182’? ‘Blink one-eight-two’ right?

Yeah, same. Except, apparently, there’s another way to do it and even though this way is totally and unequivocally wrong, it’s still confused a lot of people on the internet.

And made even more people very angry.

Here’s the tweet that kicked it all off:

Right, yeah, what’s wrong with that?

Apparently lots, because this lad pronounces it ‘Blink one-eighty-two.’

We know. Get out.

This differentiation in pronunciation led to a lot of intense back and forth – some of which we will document here.

One lad said:

And then another lad said:

Lots to consider, clearly.

Except there isn’t because it’s ‘Blink one-eight-two’ and we won’t have it any other way.