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28th Aug 2017

The one thing you probably missed in Taylor Swift’s new music video

Do you spot this?

Orlaith Condon

She wasn’t even there and she was the talk of the night.

You have to give props to Taylor Swift who, despite her complete lack of attendance, was the main topic of conversation at last night’s VMA Awards.

The 27-year-old unveiled the video for the first single off her new album, Reputation, and it got quite the reaction.

The lyric video for Look What You Made Me Do broke viewing records and the official video could possibly do the same.

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The video was published in the early hours of this morning and has already amassed an incredible 10 million views.

In the video, Taylor plays a zombie, the leader of a squad of female robots, a bank robber, and an A-lister who crashes her car.

Yes, it’s a random bunch, however, more notably is the host of other characters she plays – namely, herself.

Taylor resurrects some of her most famous looks at the end of the video as the new Taylor reigns supreme.

Aside from the impressive list of characters Taylor portrays, there is also one thing that is getting a lot of attention from fans online.

A scene in the new video shows Taylor laying in a bath full of diamonds and pearls, however, eagle-eyed fans noticed one very important prop.

Laying next to her is the one dollar note she won in her assault trial against former DJ David Mueller after he groped the singer during a photo shoot on her Red tour in 2013.

Reputation is due to be released in November and will see Taylor collaborate with artists such as Kesha and Drake.