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09th Mar 2021

New JLS album on the way after signing record deal

The comeback is FINALLY happening.

Boy band JLS have announced that a new album is in the works after the band signed a record deal with BMG.

They had previously planned a comeback greatest hits tour in March 2020, but it was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The band – which was formed on the fifth season of X Factor – split up in May 2013. They had been together for seven years.

Speaking about the long-awaited comeback, Oriste Williams said: “We’ve signed to BMG and when that flame was reignited for making new music, nothing could stop it. We’re putting together an album and a couple of singles.”

He continued: “It feels like the time is right. And whatever this next chapter for us brings, JLS chapter two is very exciting.”

Oriste also spoke about the new direction the band is heading in: “We get to be musicians and experiment in the studio and figure out what our sound is, because we don’t know what the JLS sound is in 2021.”

Meanwhile, Marvin revealed that many of the songs have already been written.

“We have got three, possibly four, tracks already down,” he said. “In our opinion they are very good and when BMG heard those records and offered us a deal, we couldn’t refuse. We have loved being back, and hopefully we’ll work with some amazing people too.”

Additionally, the singer spoke about his dream collaboration: “People like Ed Sheeran would be fantastic. We would like to reach out to him and see if we can cook something up with him.”

JLS fans will also be happy to know that the band will be working with the same producers who made Beat Again and Everybody in Love.

Marvin also told The Sun that the reunion tour will go ahead later this year.