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21st Jan 2015

Love That Maroon 5 Wedding Video? We Have Some Bad News…

The band have been caught up in controversy since the video's release.

As music videos go, Maroon 5’s recent one for track Sugar is a pretty good one.

If you haven’t seen it, the video shows the band driving around LA aiming to crash as many weddings as possible.

At each wedding, they do a surprise performance and the result is a lot of tearful brides, delighted grooms and happy families.

When asked about how they managed to pull it off, a rep for the band said that grooms had been told in advance and it was “really stressful” but “super fun” to film.

However, it has since emerged that many of those featured in the video are actually models and actors.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that one of the brides is former America’s Next Top Model contestant Raina Hein, forcing the actress/model to confirm on Instagram that she was hired to work on the video and is not married.

Actors Stephen and Barbara Woo also spoke out to reveal that they played a bride’s parents, adding “everything was staged” and “sorry for the buzzkill”.