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01st Jun 2018

Kodaline just played ‘Follow Your Fire’ as Gaeilge for the first time and OK, wow

Jade Hayden


Whoever said words just sound better as Gaeilge was absolutely correct.

Like, honestly, we don’t even know if anyone has ever said that but they should because they just do.

Sayings sounds better, stories sound better, and of course, all music sounds better.

It just does and this fact is not up for debate and never will be.

Anyway, a bunch of lads who are well aware of this fact are Kodaline.

The Dublin based band recently recorded a version of their song ‘Follow Your Fire’ as Gaeilge and it sounds genuinely stunning.

The song was played for the first time on Eoghan McDermott’s 2fm show today as a nod to those who are passionate Gaeilgors themselves and those who just want to get a bit more familiar with the language.

McDermott says that he’s only delighted the lads have decided to get involved with the station’s latest attempt to get people more interested in the Irish language.

He said:

“I’m so proud and grateful to the lads in Kodaline for taking part in CEOL 2018 with ‘Follow Your Fire’ as Gaeilge. It’s an excellent recording and I can’t wait to share it with the listeners later today.

“There is a massive interest in the Irish language throughout the world and I believe our album CEOL 2018 will be a huge encouragement to all, especially during Bliain na Gaeilge 2018.”

The song was released as a part of CEOL 2018 – an initiative set up to make young Irish musicians more aware of the Irish language as a medium.

The track was played on Eoghan’s show at 4.45pm today .

You can listen back to it here.