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26th Jul 2022

Eoghan McDermott shares apology to ex-girlfriend Aoife Melia

Ellen Fitzpatrick

They split earlier this year.

Former 2FM star Eoghan McDermott has opened up on his split from long-time girlfriend Aoife Melia and posted an open apology to the doctor.

Apologising for “the turmoil that upended her life”, he wished her the best in her new relationship with Charlie Coyle.

Posting the statement on Monday night, Eoghan said Aoife is “the most wonderful person he’s ever known” and wished her “every happiness” in her “new life”.

He wrote: “The last 18 months have been devastating and life-altering in ways that I haven’t fully processed yet. I met Aoife 15 years ago and think she has been and will remain the most wonderful person I’ve ever known.

“I’m sorry we didn’t get to see our story have a happy ending and so sorry for the turmoil that upended her life, through no fault of her own. All I can do is thank her for the many wonderful years together and wish her every happiness in her new life.

“Pretty much every bit of myself I’ve worked on and improved over the years has been on account of wanting to live up to her standards and match her best qualities. She made me kinder, gentler, more patient, less selfish and better in most ways a person could measure.

“I hope she finds the happiness and peace she so richly deserves. That’s all. Take care everyone. Look after yourselves.”

Eoghan and Aoife were dating for a lengthy number of years before he quit his role in 2FM after allegations emerged about him that have since been retracted.

Speaking about the allegations for the first time earlier this year, he wrote on Twitter: “A few months ago, false allegations were made about me. Despite not being investigated or verified, these allegations were spread widely, the effects of which I am still processing.

“I hope the below can close this chapter.”

He then enclosed a letter from the accuser’s solicitor, which states, in March 2021, internet postings and Tweets published through an anonymous account made “false allegations” about Eoghan.

The solicitor’s letter says their client now “accepts that there was a number of falsehoods contained in her publications”.

It also says: “The client regrets her actions and acknowledges that her actions have caused, and continue to cause, detriment and destress to your client and those close to him.”

It went on to say the client has since deleted statements made on Reddit and Twitter and will not re-publish them.

Eoghan added: “At the request of and with consideration for the other party to this dispute, I will not be commenting any further on this matter.”