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16th Jan 2020

Bon Jovi announce new album and US tour with Bryan Adams

Jade Hayden

Bring it to Ireland, yeah?

Bon Jovi has announced a new album and and US summer tour with Bryan Adams.

Both ventures will be aptly called ‘Bon Jovi 2020’, alluding to the fact that it is, indeed, 2020 and Bon Jovi is, indeed, still a thing.

This will be Jon Bon Jovi’s fifteenth studio album, and although we don’t have an exact date just yet, fans have been assured that the record will drop “later this year.”

Great to see it.

The band will also be taking the wonderful and iconic Bryan Adams with them on tour this year, as they travel around North America belting out some old bangers – and some new ones too.

The upcoming US tour will be starting in June and finishing in July, leaving plenty of time for the Livin’ On A Prayer band to stall it on over to Europe too.


Last year, Bon Jovi said that fans could expect a more topical album than they were previously used to.

“The meaning behind it – there’s the obvious: It’s an election year and I couldn’t do any worse,” he said.

“And I also have clear vision. This House Is Not for Sale dealt with a lot of personal matters, and now it’s behind us. So, 2020 – of course, it’s an election year, but more importantly it’s that I have clear vision going forward.”

Excellent news for all involved.


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