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19th Jun 2017

Body&Soul checklist: everything you need to pack for the weekend

The countdown is officially on to one of biggest festivals of the summer.

Body&Soul  is just around the corner and with a host of amazing artists ready to dazzle us at every turn, be sure you’re prepared for every eventuality with this handy packing check-list.

You can thank us later!

Toilet paper

We’re going to start with the obvious here, but toilet paper is an essential that is often forgotten. And if you don’t have room for a few rolls, a couple of small packets of tissues will be a lifesaver by Sunday evening – believe us. Oh, and throw some hand sanitizer in there too.


Picture the scene, you wake up with a thudding headache, it’s lashing outside and everyone you know is asleep. The last thing you want to have to do is leave your cosy tent to try and find the shop. Bring a little stash of paracetamol just in case. Throw in some plasters too.

Wipes, wipes and more wipes

Honestly, you’ll never have enough. You might think that you’ll queue up for a shower on Saturday morning or even remove your makeup with your fancy cleanser but life at a festival ain’t that easy. Throw in a small bottle of dry shampoo while you’re at it. It will make your morning hair battles so much easier.


Trust us on this one. Bin bags are a festival life-saver. You can throw your dirty clothes in them, use them as a blanket on wet grass or even wrap your feet in them if your wellies are leaking (listen, it happens).

A rough plan for the weekend

OK, you don’t need to schedule out every single hour of your festival experience but it helps to have a rough idea of the acts you’d like to see and the tents you want to visit. Top of our list is Metronomy, Bonobo, a quick visit to Arbutus Yarn followed by a lively evening of entertainment in the Bulmers Lounge tent. They’ve got a chock-a-block schedule of acts including the very best in Irish music, song, storytelling and laughter. We may never leave.

Waterproofs galore

And we’re not just talking about mascara. You can never rely on the Irish weather, especially during festival season. Bring a waterproof jacket, trousers (yes, really) and a spare poncho just in case.

Fluffy socks by the dozen

Nothing beats the feeling of putting on clean, dry socks after getting soaked at a festival…nothing.


Nobody wants to be the snoozing Susan who goes back to their tent before 1 am but at some point during the festival, you are going to have to get some sleep. Earplugs are the only way to go. Throw in an eye mask too if you have room.

Cereal bars

The festival food champion. Cereal bars are a great handy snack you can stuff in your bag before you head off to see your favourite band or munch on when you get back to your tent after a night of dancing.