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21st Apr 2018

Avicii had opened up about his health struggles in the past

He retired from touring in 2016 over his health.
Avicii had opened up about his health struggles in the past

“It was always very hard for me.”

In the wake of the death of Avicii, he’s being remembered by fans and celebrities as someone who spread joy through his music.

But quotes from the Swedish DJ during the height of his fame show that he battled health issues for several years.

In 2016, he announced that he was retiring from touring, saying he’d been “struggling”.

“Two weeks ago, I took the time to drive across the U.S. with my friends and team, to just look and see and think about things in a new way,” he said in a statement.

“It really helped me realise that I needed to make the change that I’d been struggling with for a while.”

In a later interview, Avicii explained that he’d taken the decision because tour life was impacting on his wellbeing.

“To me it was something I had to do for my health,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“The scene was not for me. It was not the shows and not the music. It was always the other stuff surrounding it that never came naturally to me.

“All the other parts of being an artist. I’m more of an introverted person in general.

“It was always very hard for me. I took on board too much negative energy, I think.”

However, fans who were disappointed at never seeing the DJ live again were buoyed by a hopeful message he shared on his website in 2017.

In it, he said music was what he had been “born to do” and that he’d gone back to studio.

“The next stage will be all about my love of making music to you guys. It is the beginning of something new. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.”

Avicii was found dead in Muscat in Oman yesterday at the age of 28. His cause of death is not yet known.

Stars including John Newman and Dua Lipa expressed their sadness as news of his passing broke.