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15th May 2018

So women ARE better drivers than men… and there’s research to prove it

We pretty much knew this already.


We pretty much knew this already.

New research has shown that women are better drivers than their male counterparts.

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The research was carried out over the course of a month and studied the driving habits of both men and women watching everything from their use of indicators, adherence to speed limits and tailgating.

According to the results, eight in every ten women check their mirrors before they carry out a move on the road in comparison to just four in every ten men.


Women were also far ahead when it came to sticking to speed limits, not cutting corners and not tailgating other road users aggressively.

The survey, carried out by Privilege Insurance, also showed that men were more inclined to speed through amber traffic lights.

Men were also more likely to drive and use their mobile phone while women were less likely to have a negative effect on other road users.


The few positives for men saw that they were more in control of the car and were better at checking their blind spots when moving – however, that was just two categories out of a total of 14 where they had the edge.

Speaking about the result, Charlotte Fielding of Privilege stated: “The research has shown that there is a really big discrepancy between how men think they drive and how they actually drive.”