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21st Apr 2017

8 signs it’s definitely time to say goodbye to your car

Alice Murray

Brought to you by Linders Renault.

Is it time to trade in your banger?

We all know someone who hangs on to their car a little longer than they really should. We can get awfully attached to our mode of transport, especially if we have had it a for a long time (I’m looking at all you guys who own early 2000 motors).

If your car is getting a little creaky, dying a little too often and getting a little rusty around the edges then this is for you.

Here are the 8 signs that it’s time to kiss your little motor goodbye and move on to bigger and better things.

It makes unholy noises at the most unfortunate times

I.e. it growls like a tiger when you’re trying to pull out of a particularly small parking space at Tesco on a Saturday afternoon. Cue the whole carpark turning to gawk at the poor girl trying to parallel park. Oh, the shame.

You’ve been to the NCT test centre more times this year than you’ve been to your parents’ house

Because your silly car has never managed to pass on the first try. Or the second for that matter.

Your friends no longer ask you for lifts

In fact, they often offer to pick you up just to save time. They can’t be bothered having to deal with another roadside breakdown this weekend. Ops!

You dread your morning commute

Because the radio broke a long time ago so you have to spend your hour long round trip in complete silence.

You start wondering when a car technically becomes ‘vintage’

It might be easier to sell it if you can dress it up a bit and pretend that it is a collectable.

You’re single handily keeping your local garage open

Because you’re giving him so much business every month. At least someone is benefiting from your banger.

You’ve started to ignore your check engine light

To be honest you would worry if it turned off at this stage.

You fantasise about cars that work

While other people dream of Lamborghinis and Porsches, all you really want is a car with electric windows, a running engine and maybe a radio too. It’s the simple things.

This article is brought to you by Linders Renault.

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