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13th Feb 2018

Gardaí will now fine women who are caught applying makeup in the car

This is how much it'll cost you

Olivia Hayes

It is now a punishable offence.

Ladies, say goodbye to doing your makeup while you’re waiting for traffic to move, because it is a punishable offence.

The Gardaí tweeted this morning saying that they caught two people applying makeup while in their cars this morning, and they also added in a little poem.

“Roses are red violets are blue, €80 fine making its way to you. 2 drivers left heartbroken after being fined this morning for applying makeup whilst driving.

“Early valentine’s preparations perhaps? Pls drive responsibly,” they tweeted.

The Gardaí took a light approach to the warning, although strict, but at least they’re trying to make us laugh.

Maybe just wake up ten minutes earlier in the morning to apply your makeup tomorrow…