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16th Feb 2019

We can guess your name based on your Leaving Cert points

Clickbait, am I right?

Having previously guessed your name based on your job, I am back at it again with the blue vans to blow your minds.

It’s been scientifically proven that there is a direct correlation between your name and Leaving Certificate results. Having received a degree from the British University of Linked Linguistics (BULL), I can now put my brains to good use and determine what your name is based on your LC points.

Simply round your points to the nearest hundred (be honest) and you’ll find your name listed below.

*Disclaimer: This is (clearly) a load of codswallop and does not accurately reflect your life choices*

600 points

Lisa Isanerd

John Studiedloads

Eimear Didherselfproud

Brian Mammysbeaming

Emma Puttingitonthecv

Graham Willbragforyears


500 points

Sinéad Ragingshedidntget600

Conor Putinthework

Niamh Shouldbeokwiththecao

Luke Sacrificedhisgirlfriend

Gemma Teacherspet

Chris Hasthesmarts


400 points

Rebecca Didherbest

Alex Haswhatheneeds

Ciara Isreallyhappy

Simon Gotgrinds

Louise Lesstressmoresuccess

Séamus Thrilledhedidntfail


300 points

Alice Gladshepassed

Colm Doesntcare

Niall Isnthappy

Gina Willrepeat

Fergal Didhisbest

Sarah Canfallbackonherlooks


200 points

Liam Questionsdidntsuityou

Amy Didntstudy

Fiona Onlyhavingalaugh

James Gotconfusedisall

Nicole Shouldvegotgrinds

Gary Didbetterthanexpected


100 points

Nuala Forgottoturnup

Peter Fellasleep

Freda Hatesschool

Trevor Proudofhimselfregardless

Sadbh Keptupwiththekardashians

Rob Canrepeattheleavingnotthesesh