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10th Apr 2018

There’s a dog following the Google Street View car and he is precious

Jade Hayden

Look at him go.

Driving the Google Street View car around seems like a decent enough job.

You get to drive, you get to document, you get to perhaps see a lot of places you otherwise would not have seen.

See? Decent enough.

The only thing that could make the Google Street View car job any better would be if there was a dog involved.

Any dog would do, really – a lab, a pitbull, a Dalmatian – it doesn’t matter what they’re doing either, just their general dog-like presence would probably make the day go a whole lot quicker.

In this case though, someone who works for Google Street View does have a dog on the job… and the dog is chasing the Google Street View car.

And it’s glorious.

There he is there now, heading off.

Just delighted to be a part of it, really. Fair play.

This particular dog was spotted in Kumage, in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture and he is absolutely ready for the chase.

Look at him there getting ready for it.

And off he goes.

This isn’t the first time Google Maps has enlisted the (accidental or not) help of dogs to get their job done.

A few weeks back, Google set up a dog view where users could see the world through the eyes of a dog.

The dogs were set up with the animal-friendly harnesses carrying cameras and set on some walks around the city of Odate to capture some of the divine landscapes and infrastructure.

And seeing as Odate is the birthplace of the Akita breed, it does make sense that that’s where they’d be roaming around.
It was beautiful and we absolutely would like more of that please.