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17th Nov 2016

8 stunning photographs of this morning’s snow around Ireland


Between us, we all sent and received precisely 25 billion Snapchats here in Ireland this morning due to a perfectly normal bout of weather for this time of year.

Poor quality photography didn’t stand in our way, as we all sent shoddy pictures to the entirety of our friend list and beyond.

Here’s 8 stunning photographs from around Ireland that were sent our way. We’ve added some visual aids in circumstances where the snow isn’t hugely visible.

Dublin was positively snowed under

Spire in Dublin, Ireland in summer time


Cork didn’t escape the harsh effects of mother nature’s wrath

Cork city center aerial view


Clare had to close down for the day

Cliffs of Moher


Waterford more like Snowford

Early morning view of Waterford city


Belfast can only be described as treacherous this afternoon

Belfast City Centre


Longford was badly hit. A relief fund is expected to be established later today

Aerial view of Feltham in West London with the Longford River and Rivers Academy School.


Sligo is in a bad way. Send your thoughts, prayers and windscreen wipers

"City of Sligo, Ireland. The tower of Sligo Cathedral emerging from the city."


Finally, Kerry appears to have been the worst hit area, with an abundance of snow

Aerial view of Portmagee in County Kerry Ireland