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05th Jan 2017

This p*ssed off polar bear mascot repeatedly falling over on ice is the best thing ever

Can't. Stop. Watching.

Nooruddean Choudry

Thank goodness for all that padding.

The life of a mascot must be a strange one. You’re quite often the centre of attention in a stadium full of thousands of people, and yet most of them are either indifferent or mildly annoyed by your presence. Plus, you’re ultimately anonymous, sweating and toiling in a cumbersome suit without an iota of personal credit.

But imagine having to do all that on ice, with only your cotton souls to keep you upright.

We really shouldn’t laugh at this but we can’t help it. White Bear Mitsubishi, a car dealer based in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, decided they’d hire some local mascots to help them flog vehicles in a commercial. Goldy Gopher from the local college ice hockey team made perfect sense, especially as he flies about on skates with aplomb .

But someone had the bright idea of using a polar bear, because ‘White Bear’, obviously. Except the outfit wasn’t quite conducive to staying vertical on an ice-rink. What transpired was comedy gold…