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15th Sep 2016

One mum made a hilarious mistake in trying to help her son in going back to college

It's an easy mistake to make...

Rebecca Keane

There’s a lot of stuff to think of before going back to college.

Between the disaster that is attempting to get college accommodation sorted for the year or even getting a laptop or books ready, it can be a real ordeal.

Many of us call in the help of our siblings or our parents to give us a hand and make sure we don’t forget anything before the year ahead.

One university student, David Shedden did just that, in this case he was looking for some stationary off his mum.

No doubt asking for utensils so he can spend the next year scribbling notes and writing essays, David asked his mother for a packet of BIC pens but what ended up buying will give you a serious laugh.

Posting the end results to Twitter, David shared what happened to him when he opened the packet of ‘pens’ in a lecture at college.

“Aye mum just get me a pack of they bic pens for uni made a right c*nt of myself whipping these out in a lecture”

What his mum did end up buying him was a packet of razors for shaving… which were branded BIC too.

Talk about SCARLET!

Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for Mummy Shedden.