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27th Jul 2018

Michael Healy-Rae did an Ask Me Anything on Instagram and he has some strong opinions on Love Island

Jade Hayden

Just kidding, he doesn’t.

But he did reference it and that’s good enough for a ‘local politician tries to be relatable and absolutely bombs’ piece so buckle up because we’re going deep.

Last night, Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae did an Instagram Ask Me Anything session.

If you’re not familiar with these kinds of sessions, they involve somebody in desperate need of attention wanting people to ask them about their dinner preferences, their views on Coppers, or whether we should reverse the ban on drink driving because it’s not actually that bad, you know?

Via his Instagram page, Healy-Rae gave some thought-provoking insights into the mind of the TD who was unintentionally “tossed around by a cow” a few years back.

It’s the content we’ve all been waiting for, clearly.

Here are some of the standout answers from last night.

Oh don’t know what Love Island is, don’t you?

No way that’s gas, tell us more.

Correct answer.

OK it is potentially possible to not know what Love Island is (it’s not), but Blur??




Lmao gas.

Biggest tragedy of 2018.

Please no.

Aw class man, enjoy it.

Would say he’ll be delighted to get that, yeah Mick.