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15th Jun 2018

Lad sends dick pic knowing he had the wrong number proving men need to be stopped

Jade Hayden

C’mon, man.

Dick pics are fine. Unsolicited dick pics, however, are not that fine.

They’re pretty much the modern equivalent of leaving a rock outside the girl’s house you fancy every day for a year in the hope that she picks one of them up one day and keeps it meaning that you are bound together forever.

That’s how things worked in the neolithic period, don’t doubt us.

One dick pic that was not solicited and definitely not fine was the one sent by some lad called Brandon.

Brandon started messaging who he thought was some girl he goes to college with but really it was just some guy with a moustache.

Brandon had been given the wrong number.

Brandon was told this.

And yet, Brandon proceeded to allow his hand to “itch to unzip his pants” to take a dick pic and send it to this unknown dude with a moustache.

Wrong number texted me last night. Thought it belonged here from r/creepyasterisks

Honestly, like.

Yes, Brandon.

Oh yes.


Dude with the moustache shared his saga to Reddit for everyone else to enjoy and they did, indeed, enjoy.

“The “no” actually made me laugh quite a bit, like how much denial can you even have?” said one person.

“Why do they actually stutter when texting?? It’s just surreal,” quizzed another.

“Should have sent a dick pic back to establish dominance,” suggested someone else.