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16th Nov 2020

Amazon Prime Video causes chaos on social media after it united Ireland on Saturday

Alan Loughnane

That Prime delivery though…

An Amazon support member trying to help a subscriber on Twitter on Saturday inadvertently created a frenzy on social media when it appeared to “deliver a United Ireland”.

For some background, Amazon Prime Video have purchased the broadcasting rights for the Autumn Nations Cup in the United Kingdom, meaning they’re showing each of the rugby internationals on their streaming platform.

However, Amazon Prime Video do not have the broadcasting rights in Ireland with those divvied up between Premier Sports and RTÉ.

Chris Jones was tweeting to the AmazonHelp account on Saturday as he was having difficulty getting access to the rugby. After troubleshooting a number of issues, the account believed it had discovered the source of the issue.

The game was only available to users in the United Kingdom.

Initially, the admin vigorously defended their belief in a United Ireland.

“Yep, we’ll take it under advisement.”

And so began the celebration that Amazon Prime had delivered a United Ireland.

Despite initially appearing fearlessly nationalistic, Amazon Prim


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