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05th Dec 2016

How annoying are you on social media?

Ciara Knight

It’s quite likely you already know the answer.

Social media is rampant with annoying people. We all tend to dip our toes into the annoying pool every now and then, but it’s usually forgiven and rarely looked upon as grounds for the death penalty.

There are some folk that are comically devoid of being self-aware. They’ll plough their way through 17 additions to their Snapchat story each day, tweet every waking thought, Instagram scenes as uneventful as a dentist’s waiting room and use the medium of a Facebook status as a means of drumming up some interaction from their online friends.

This quiz is here to help determine how annoying you are online. Even so much as taking this quiz means you’re actually quite a needy little sap, but tbh we all are, so it’s grand.