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06th Dec 2018

Here’s a picture of Arthur from Arthur as an adult to shake you to your core

Jade Hayden


There’s nothing people love more than a bit of solid nostalgia.

There just isn’t.

If you were told that Bradley from S Club 7 had murdered your entire family you’d be like honestly, grand, work away man, don’t stop moving to that funky funky beat.

The only thing better than a bit of nostalgia is the prospect of nostalgia with a modern twist – ie, a beloved children’s character who is best known as a child but has now been reimagined as an adult.

Which is exactly what has occurred here with Arthur from Arthur.

The lads over at The Toy Shop have considered what Arthur would look like now as an adult and the results are… certainly something to be desired.

Like, why is he a pianist? What’s going on with that quiff? Why does he look legitimately the exact same as he did in the face back in the 1990s?

So many questions, so little answers.

They guys also considered aged up Rugrats, The Wild Thornberries, and Doug – all with the similar bizarre, yet stunning, results.

Childhood ruined?

Or made better?

Who can say for sure?