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21st Dec 2017

This girl’s story about her final exam mayhem is literally so tragic

This is hysterical.

Jade Hayden


Oh, god.

Everybody on this earth has a tragic final exam story.

Mine involves having gotten approximately two hours sleep and writing a three hour paper on iambic pentameter and Yeats while still a bit drunk running on nothing but cold hashbrowns from the canteen.


That was still nothing though compared to the trauma that this girl had to endure.

Ann Mark is a world cinema history student from the States.

She had her first college exams there this year but they, according to this collection of Snapchats she shared to Twitter, did not exactly go according to plan.

Ann starts her story by saying that she arrived to her exam hall not realising that you had to have bought special paper.

So she ran to go get some paper.

Ann then returned to the hall and looked around for her friends. They weren’t there. She was in the wrong exam. She was in physics.

So she ran to the right hall.

Ann got to the hall but discovered a line outside it. She had one minute before her exam was due to start.

Ann was at the wrong hall and was told she had to go to the building instead.

So she ran to the building and smacked into a door on the way, got there, and wrote a banging essay about Napolean Dynamite. 


We don’t know whether or not Ann’s professor appreciated her effort, but we’re sure if they witnessed her video, she would have gotten a fairly good grade.

Fair play, like.