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08th Jul 2019

Gardaí share photo of all the IDs lost at Longitude and ah, lads

“The fake ones won’t be returned…”

If you were at Longitude over the weekend, you probably witnessed a couple of things.

One of those things was Stormzy telling the crowd how much he adores them. Another was Cardi B absolutely wrecking the gaff.

And another was A$AP Rocky not being there.

Lots to see, lots to do.

Another thing that people were apparently doing at Longitude was losing their IDs – because looking after your personal effects while on the sesh is allegedly not something that people can do anymore.

Following the festival, Gardaí took to Instagram to share a photo of each and every one of the IDs they found cruelly abandoned by their owners.

This is them.

Yeah so like, a lot.

The Gards said that those who had lost their IDs could get them back by emailing [email protected].

They did say, however, that the fake ones wouldn’t be returned.