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19th May 2016

WATCH: Driver caught trailing fully-flamed pizza oven down a motorway

So casual.

It’s lit.

Speeding home to get the dinner on is always a nightmare. You’re rushing home from work to get something to eat and shower before you go out to act the gobshite with your mates for the evening. You’ve got your foot down on the pedal and barely driving within the speed limit because you’re absolutely starving – we’ve all been there.

One driver in Sydney, Australia may have taken a little too much initiative and perhaps decided to cook their dinner on the way home.

The driver was spotted seriously taking the piss out of the rules of road safety by driving down the highway with none other than a burning, smoking oven on the back of its trailer.

I wonder was it pizza or chargrilled chicken on the menu? Or maybe a nice batch of wholemeal scones?

The lunatic driver was spotted on the Westlink M7 motorway at about 4.45pm.

What’s the excuse? THAT’S NOT EVEN DINNER TIME!

Given the mouthy drivers I know on the road, this burning oven wouldn’t get very far on the M50…

Lead image via Facebook