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27th Apr 2019

Dad picks up wrong dog from the groomer, and we are howling

This is just brilliant.

If you need a laugh today then you should definitely continue on with this story because it’s just so fecking great.

If you have a dog then you’ll know all about bringing them to the groomer or vet, in the hopes that they’ll come back as a fresher and livelier pup.

However, when this dad picked up his dog from the groomer, there seemed to be something a bit off.

His son, Alex, thought he was pranking him by saying the dog wasn’t their beloved pet called Nieves. But then Alex’s brother agreed — it definitely wasn’t Nieves running around the back garden, it was a doggy imposter.

Alex posted the whole thing on Twitter, with him and his brother laughing as the dog wagged its tail around their home.

The tweet has now gone viral, racking up 178,000 likes:

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Alex said: “My brother and I died of laughter and asked why he would take the dog home if he thought something was off. He said, ‘I thought I was getting old and my eyes were betraying me.'”

When his dad realised his mistake, he said, “Yeah, I have to fix this before mom gets home.”

His dad brought the dog imposter back to the groomer, and Alex documented the whole thing:

Even when his dad had to double check he had the right dog this time:

We can’t stop laughing at this.