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03rd Mar 2019

A coffee shop just opened next to a Post Office in Dublin, and the name is f*cking GAS

post office

This is important.

Sometimes, you just stumble upon something that makes you laugh out loud.

That happened to me this morning, while having a good aul scroll through Twitter.

I discovered a tweet by Amy Clarkin, and honestly, I haven’t been able to stop laughing since.

Introducing: a classic example of the saying “only in Ireland”…

“Hi there is a new coffee shop attached to the Post Office in Deansgrange and the name is FANTASTIC,” she tweeted, along with an iconic image.

Perched next to the Post Office, is a new coffee shop called Roast Office…

And I am not able.

Thankfully, everyone else on Twitter also thinks it’s hilarious, with a number of people replying to Amy’s tweet.

“That is VERY good,” wrote one person.

Another said: “That’s clever, I like it!”

We’re not sure what award is available for this kind of thing, but we’d like to find it and give it to Roast Office.

10/10 lads. Bravo.