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20th Nov 2017

This very cheeky advertisement had to be taken down in South Dublin

Cover your eyes

Olivia Hayes

Very rude.

But we can’t help but laugh.

A very cheeky ad was put up in Dun Laoghaire last week which advertised the business,

The double entendre caught the eye of many passers-by, and it was the talking point of many residents in the seaside town.

However, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council decided it was just too cheeky for them, and so they officially removed it.

However, made a brilliant statement about the news:

‘Hair today. Gone tomorrow… Dunlaoghaire County Council removed our ads.”

It seems has certainly made a name for itself in the past few weeks in Dublin.

Many Facebook users couldn’t believe the sign had to be taken down, with many having a laugh on social media over it.

One user said: “That is a brilliant ad! Bleedin prudes,” while another quipped, “Way too harsh!! No sense of humour.”

Apart from creating cheeky puns, it also connects people with service professionals to complete projects and jobs, no matter in what field.