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25th Jun 2016

If you can’t laugh… Dundalk’s stadium announcer gives witty Brexit joke during match


You’ll cry…

Nobody panic just yet, but our neighbours across the Irish Sea have voted to leave the EU.

Britain let their voices be heard this week, making it clear that they wanted out of the European Union. However, the notable exceptions were Northern Ireland and Scotland, who voted to remain.

It is unknown how this landmark vote will impact the relationship between North and South, with some even speculating that a physical border and passport control checks could be introduced.

It was this fear that the stadium announcer at Oriel Park poked fun at during Dundalk FC’s 2-0 win over St Patrick’s Athletic on Friday night.

While announcing the Lilywhites’ next fixture, he just couldn’t resist getting in a gag for the day that was in it.

Speaking of passports…

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