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12th Nov 2017

This 2007 Tesco Christmas ad featuring the Spice Girls is all kinds of iconic


Jade Hayden

spice girls

They don’t make ’em like this anymore.

Ahh, Christmas.

It wouldn’t be the same without the festive-themed ads.

Despite the fact that less and less of us are opting to watch actual real-life television anymore, we still reserve a special place in our hearts for corporations trying to drag money out of us by pulling on our heartstrings.

This year, we’ve been enthralled by the John Lewis ad, sobbed at Kevin the Carrot in the Aldi ad, and watched as some sisters get each other some lovely gifts in the Boots ad.


There is one thing, however, that each of these ads has in common… and that’s that they’re emotional.

It almost seems as if there’s no point in pitching a Christmas ad anymore unless it’s going to make people cry.

Things didn’t used to be this way – definitely not back in 2007 anyway – which is why this Tesco ad featuring the Spice Girls is probably one of the most iconic and brilliant Christmas adverts that ever graced our screens.

The concept is simple.

The Spice Girls are trying to buy each other some presents for Christmas.

So, naturally, they all decided to hit up their local Tesco at the same time. Where else would you be going, in fairness?

The ad begins with Victoria.

She strolls in, only to realise that Emma is also wandering the Tesco aisles in search of a gift. To hide, she blends in with some TV screens in the store.


The ad’s narrative them switches to Emma.

She wheeling her trolley around when she spots Mel C so she stuffs her head in a jumper.

Mel C then bumps into Geri so she ducks behind a Christmas tree, right before Geri spots Mel B and hides behind a Guinness World Records book.

She, of course, is not spotted.

Mel B then runs into Victoria so she sticks her face into an Optimus Prime voice changer to disguise herself.

The ad’s finale includes the girls hiding from each other at the checkout, lest they are discovered purchasing incredible gifts such as a High School Musical board game.

There are a lot of layers to this advert.

The themes of betrayal, deceit, and friendship are clear, but not once does the ad try to make us feel anything but pure delight.

Festive ads are lovely these days, but we have to say, they are nothing compared to this.