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30th Apr 2019

Youtuber waxes his wife’s eyebrows off in one of the stupidest videos we’ve ever seen

Actual grounds for divorce...


Youtube is a strange platform, populated by the sort of people you’d move to avoid sitting next to on public transport.

Like this man who decided to ‘wax’ his wife’s eyebrows off for the craic.

In WAXED MY WIFES EYEBROWS PRANK (SHE CRIED) | COUPLES PRANKS [REVENGE], we see Youtuber Niko Can apply a wax strip to his other half Cristal’s face as she naps in what looks like a pretty convenient position.

The gag is in revenge for her recently pranking him by waxing his leg, he explains. Because that’s the same.

Niko creeps up to her, placing the strip across her forehead and eyes. Implausibly, she doesn’t stir.

After she wakes and he tells her what she’s done, she begins to cry. Fair.

“Are you stupid, why would you do that?” she asks through tears.

“I love you babe and I will love you eyebrowless,” he replies.

“With no eyebrows no other man will try to get you, I will be the only man you love.”

Christ on the cross.

This goes on for a bit before he admits that he put double-sided tape on the strip and that it wouldn’t actually take her brows off.

We then get a close-up of Cristal removing the strip – and losing pretty much nothing except some makeup.

She hits him a few slaps (fair) and then storms off.

Niko, meanwhile, finds the whole thing gas, telling her “you have to admit, that was a very good prank”.

Lots of people who watched didn’t find it particularly good though, with lots accusing the pair of faking the whole thing.

“They pranked you guys, she’s been pressing on it the entire time to keep it from falling.”

“Could not be more fake.”

“Wakes up and continually smooths the wax strip onto her eyebrows.”

Yeah. We hope it’s fake because no marriage like this is worth staying in.