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07th Jun 2019

Woman tries home waxing to ‘surprise’ her boyfriend, ends up in A&E

And you thought razor burn was bad...

Hair removal is a dose – even more so when it sends you to hospital.

That’s what one poor girl found out when she managed to seriously f**k up her home wax recently.

Kiera Stilton thought she’d have a go of the treatment herself on her armpits – but came to seriously regret it.

The Glaswegian said on Twitter that she wanted to “surprise” her boyfriend by waxing (a weird flex in itself?) but accidentally managed to stick her armpit to the inside of her arm.

She had applied wax and forgotten about it, she revealed, and had to head to A&E to get unstuck.

“Let’s just say my bikini line is getting the good old trusty razor.”

Kiera also shared a grim photo and video of her armpit stuck together with the pink wax oozing out.

Luckily it looks like the doctors were able to do the job and get Kiera and her arm back to normal.

No word on how her boyfriend took it all but we’re guessing he’s just pleased she’s able to move her limbs freely.

It makes all the times you’ve given yourself razor burn by dry shaving your ankles seem pretty insignificant now, doesn’t it?