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20th Jun 2018

WhatsApp will stop working on a number of phones in February 2020

Cathy Donohue

Is yours on the list?

WhatsApp is one of the most, quite possibly the most, popular methods of communication these days because you can literally do everything, text, voice note and call.

It’s replaced iMessage, standard texts and of course, one of the notable points is the fact that it works regardless of the type you have, iPhones, Androids and so on.

However, the company recently announced that WhatsApp would cease to work on phones running the below systems.

If your iPhone runs on iOS 7 (or older) or Android Gingerbread versions 2.3.7 (and older), then you won’t be able to use Whatsapp from February next year.

Not exactly ideal.

The news was announced in a blog post on the WhatsApp website and the company notes that because they won’t be developing for the aforementioned operating systems, the app could cease to work at any stage.

For those using the systems mentioned above, WhatsApp recommends changing to either Android running OS 4.0, iPhone running iOS 8 or Windows Phone 8.1+.

If you’re a hoarder and hold onto your messages from way back when… the bad news is you can’t export them to the new device.

However, there is the option to send your chat history in an email format and you can learn more about that here.