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16th Apr 2024

WhatsApp users furious over change to the app


Is the WhatsApp change really a big deal?

The WhatsApping community was set alight after the messaging app made subtle changes to their chats.

However, following the backlash they faced over the changes, the app has now confirmed that it will reverse them.

But what were the changes in question, I hear you ask.

Well, for most of us, I’m sure we barely noticed.

WhatsApp changed the first letter of the ‘online’ and ‘typing’ indicators to capital letters when they had previously always been lowercase.

On similar messaging apps such as Facebook’s Messenger and Telegram, lowercase is the norm.

However, WhatsApp’s new ‘Online’ and ‘Typing’ status indicators caused quite a stir amongst online communities.

“WhatsApp changing the online status from online to Online has sent me west…….why upset me like this,” one person wrote.

A second said: “Oh my god I thought I was going mad imagining this??? It has truly unnerved me.”

While a third put: “It’s so distressing I don’t want to know that someone is Typing with a capital T.”

People are sure to be relieved, though, when they hear the latest update from WhatsApp.

They told The Independent that they were going to reverse the change, that it had only been trialed with a limited amount of users, and that they are not moving forward with the changes.

So, whether you noticed any changes or not, I’m sure we will all sleep more soundly tonight knowing that the lowercase letters are staying put.