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14th Jan 2016

What We Would Do With A Three Day Weekend

Shave Our Legs Above The Knee

One thing we can all agree on is that a little bit more free time would be only LOVELY.

But in what format would the free time be best received? We put the question out in a poll on Twitter earlier in the week and the results were a landslide victory for one option.

As can be discerned from our incredibly scientific poll, the vast majority surveyed would much prefer a three day weekend every weekend than a single bulk month off per year.

Here’s a handy list of all the things we could do with that sweet free time.

Untangle All Our Necklaces

How many times do we say we’re going to do this?

Sort Out ‘That Drawer’

Chargers, batteries, leaflets from long-closed takeaways. Everyone has one of these in their house and it may as well be a gateway to Narnia for the amount of time actually spent looking inside it.


For the love of god, what’s in here? Source: RiverheadLocal

Go Day Drinking

Yes, please. An extra day in the weekend would leave a perfect hangover window open for a lovely beer garden sesh with your pals and a heap of pints.


Everyone knows that alphabetising is one of the most satisfying activities one can partake in. All our DVDs from American Pie to Zoolander, in delicious alphabetical order. Take a second and imagine that.


Here I am thinking about alphabetising. Source:Giphy

Read Ulysses

Honestly, who has the time to read this? We’re pretty sure anyone in college who had to read this gave up after three chapters and just looked up the SparkNotes while ordering a takeaway. But…with an extra day in the weekend all our literary dreams can finally come true.

Clean Makeup Brushes

I do this so seldom that I disgust myself and feel real shame every day. An extra weekend day would save me from a life of grime.


Look at this FILTH. Source: thedailyjog

Shave Our Legs Above The Knee

Anyone who does this regularly is INSANE. However, if the mood struck me on my free day I might just go to mid-thigh.

Watch The Wire

This is so people will stop telling me I should watch that.


‘Have you watched it yet?’ ‘NO, LEAVE ME ALONE.’ Source:

Put On A Face Mask

My pores would be immaculate if I had this extra day. You would need a magnifying glass to locate a single blackhead.

Go Outside And Look At A Tree

Nature amiright?

Source: Wikipedia