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04th Jul 2014

Weekend Roundup – 10 Things Loved This Week

These are a few of our favourite things...


These are a few of our favourite things… for this week at least.


Hen festivities

Last weekend Grace was on tour guide duty as a crowd descended from north of the country to the capital for one weekend in order to celebrate her sister’s hen party. Grace’s eldest sister Rachel is due to marry her love in just six short weeks however our gal G was determined to show the bride-to-be and her hens the bright lights of Coppers, Dublin City. Here the girls are enjoying a fantastic meal in Church restaurant before hitting the tiles.

Duly Noted

So when Liz told her roomies that she was starting a new job at Her Towers, there was a little celebration in the apartment. With wine, chocolate AND STATIONERY. This week, she got to whip out the notebook they got her (granted two months later), but you have to appreciate some fine stationery when you see it. And this is the best – it has dragonflies and therefore is awesome. (As are the girls, but that part was obvious)


Kanye Best 

This week, Sue went along to see one of her heroes in Marlay Park, the one and only Kanye West. Although he didn’t play Gold Digger (she’s still a bit bitter) Kanye really got the crowd going playing a total of 21 songs including Jesus Walks, Touch the Sky and Diamonds are Forever.


Walking a Mile in Amy’s Shoes

Michelle treated herself to some new shoes this week, from Amy Huberman’s line for Bourbon. Walking a mile might prove a problem, but good God they’re pretty. Plus, they came right to the desk as she ordered online at PurpleTag. Free delivery, free returns. WIN.


Nailed It

Do you like our nails? Team took delivery of the new collection from ESSIE this week and lets just say typing productivity went down considerably while we waited for our nails to dry. Sorry/Not sorry.


Guinness Amplify

On Wednesday Grace took a trip down to 4 Dame Lane for Guinness’ special musical announcement – the launch of an incredible new music program for emerging Irish talent. €1 million will be invested into the ‘Guinness Amplify’ project over the next year, giving musicians the chance to play in hundreds of various venues across the country, as well as providing them with some of the resources and expertise they need to help them along the way. Snow Patrol’s Jonny Quinn was a guest speaker on the day and Kodaline gave a very special surprise performance.

The Flat Pack

Rebecca bought a new pair of Roberto Vianni sandals this week. After what seems like months of searching, she finally found ones that a) aren’t too flat, b) she can walk in and c) will go with everything. The only thing she needs now is a week away so she can show them off!


Swing When You’re Winning  

Liz took a stroll through the shops on her way to work and picked up this quirky little number in River Island. If there’s a swinging 60s style dress on sale, chances are she’s going to want it. Besides, it’ll go with everything, and can be nice just to look at, as hand modelled by Grace O’Reilly.

RI Dress

Birthday Banter

Sue’s birthday was this week and so she got pretty spoiled in the office with birthday treats, cake and flowers. Kanye also conveniently decided to play on the day of her birthday to round the day off.


“I’ve been to the motherf**kin mountaintop”

Michelle took advantage of the sunny days to head up the Dublin mountains this week. Ok, it was with a LOT of encouragement from her OH, but she, he and the four-legged friend climbed a gorgeous trail and loved the views over the city. There’s every chance he’ll never let her come along again though, as she insisted on singing the above Eminem lyric the whole way down.