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07th Feb 2014

Weekend Roundup – 10 Things Loved This Week

10 things Team loved this week!

Rebecca McKnight

These are a few of our favourite things… this week at least. 


Love is in the air… 

Grace has fallen in love with yet another set angelic vocal chords, this time it is 22-year-old James Bay that has captured her heart. Bay, who supported Kodaline in their 2013 tour will be back on the Emerald isle at the beginning of March, headlining a gig in the Academy 2. Earlier in the week Grace caught up with the London lad for a lovely chat about musical inspirations, his new Demo EP, and his love for the Irish crowd. Have a listen to his beautiful gravelly voice in hit track, ‘Move Together’.

Tickle Your Taste Buds

This week Úna headed along to the launch of the new menu at Saba on Clarendon Street. The Thai/Vietnamese restaurant got a menu revamp and now features some amazing gluten-free, superfood and paleo dishes. Delish.


Just Keep Swimming

This week, Sue had to take a break on her running challenge as she hurt her knees but is pretty delighted she is back swimming. She went for three swims this week before work and feels the better for it.

Fine Dining 

This week Rebecca headed out for dinner with a few friends. They went to Opium on Camden Street where she a had a delicious chicken dish followed by a very indulgent (but totally worth it) chocolate brownie with peanut butter ice-cream. In fact, she was so impressed, she’s considering booking a table for Valentine’s Day!


<Sweet Treats

The green M&M called in to the office this week bringing with her a large supply of M&M’s. As you’ve probably gathered from previous posts, Cathy has a bit of a sweet tooth and M&M’s are high up on the list. Not to mention the fact that Ms M&M was great craic altogether, posing for the camera and befriending the entire team.

Mi Moneda
Michelle has been heavily curtailing her spending this year ahead of a trip to NY in a few weeks, but a Mi Moneda chain has been on the wishlist since before Christmas and she’s not sure how much longer she can hold out. This one from is a great place to start…
Picture 3

Here kitty, kitty!

While on the hunt for a diary for 2014, Úna came across this adorable cat-themed diary featuring animated internet sensation Simon’s Cat! She had to have it, plus it only set her back €4. See more of this kitty’s goings on, on YouTube here.



Now the stuff of legends, the Cadbury Egg ‘n’ Spoon packs are back and we were the very happy recipients of some tasty treats this week, happy days! 


Cathy was working over the weekend which meant she had Monday and Tuesday to call her own. This meant a leisurely stroll around the shops which is never a good idea for a magpie like her. New season accessories have landed and they are beautiful, just look at the gold detail on these Tom Ford pieces.
Picture 2

Everybody Loves Cake

The Cake Café has launched a new home collection made up of colourful cushions, nice napkins and scrumptious food sprinkles. Rebecca, who has an obsession with knick knacks, headed along to see what they had to offer and ended up writing a list of things to buy on her next shopping trip.