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17th Nov 2016

Wedding photographer shares top tip for capturing perfect newlywed picture

And it’s so simple.

A wedding, for some people, is one of the most important days of their lives, so it’s no surprise that they want plenty of images to document the special day.

Getting the perfect photos can be difficult and rather important considering it’s probably going to be on your mantlepiece forever. Some people want the typical wedding pictures of the first kiss and the wedding party, but some couples want to do something different to stand out.

One professional wedding photographer has shared his top tip for capturing couples in the moment.

Ben Sasso is a photographer who lives in Los Angeles and has captured numerous couples on their wedding day.

He says that capturing the couples in anticipation, right before they kiss, is the perfect photo.

“Alright, for this next one, I’m going to have you two face each other, wrap up and go in slow for a kiss. Once your lips are just about to touch, I’m going to have you hold it there and wait until I say you can kiss.” Ben will tell couples.

He explains that he stumbled upon this idea by accident.

”About 5 years ago at one of my first weddings I was shooting a couple kissing and I happened to catch it right before their lips actually touched.”

wedding pic

Images via Ben Sasso Photography.

”I LOVE that shot and it was a total fluke. Now, I make the best of those moments by creating that anticipation for them. By having them wait to kiss, I get those before shots and then sometimes I’ll have them kiss, sometimes they’ll start cracking up, and sometimes they just can’t take it anymore so they’ll plant a huge kiss before I say they can. Either way, total win for me!” Ben said.